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Pestilence to perform “Consuming Impulse” full-album in Zagreb

by Vedrana Dobrić

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary album “Consuming Impulse”, Pestilence will finally return to Zagreb’s Vintage Industrial Bar on the 18th of March as part of Evrope Redvced To Ashes Tovr 2019.

Before thirthy years, the Dutch Progressive Death Metal maniacs well-known as Pestilence released one of the most iconic albums in the genre called “Consuming Impulse”. Always up for some celebrating, the band decided to go on another tour and perform the album in its entirety as well as a few other classics. Behind them are several absolute masterpieces such as “Malleus Maleficarum” (1988), “Testimony of The Ancients” (1991), “Consuming Impulse” (1989), “Spheres” (1993)…  Well, the first four will be quite enough!

Support band for a run of dates will be Epic Death Metal formation Bleeding Gods. On this tour, the band will present its second full-length “Dodekathlon”, which was released last year via Nuclear Blast. 

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