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PERFECT MESS interview: The local scene is the mother of all those famous bands

by Vjeran

When we started Metal Jacket Magazine, we wanted to somehow bring our readers closer to bands that might have a harder time breaking through to listeners in the sea of ​bands and music.

To begin with, it would be best if you introduced your band.
We are Perfect Mess from Greece and we play Prog/Grunge.

Is it hard to keep all the members together since this music has no income?
Not hard at all. We ‘re all friends before starting this band. So, we still have no concerns about making money from our music.

How do you finance yourself and can you cover the costs of recording, equipment, concerts with music?
Fortunately we all have full time jobs. That means that we finance the band to overcome difficulties concerning costs of all transactions and operations.

What made you start playing metal music? Who were your role models in the beginning and has that changed over time?
We all grew up listening to metal and that was the main reason for us to start playing this kind of music. Everyone in the band services it equally, and that hasn’t changed over time.

Is it hard to find a publisher or is it better to self publish considering the internet?
It depends on the circumstances. Currently we ‘re on Spider Music (Label) as it was quite difficult for all of us to dedicate extra time to the band to promote our work.

What have you published so far?
We have released 2 albums. The self-titled, and our second one called ‘Breathe’.

How do you create songs, how do you record them?
We make music through jamming our own ideas. Then, after researching we find a studio and record them.

Where do you get inspiration for the lyrics?
The lyrics are influenced mostly from our every day life.

What is your favorite song you’ve made so far and why?
There is not a favorite song of our own. It’s only passion and great effort into something we truly love.

Where can readers listen to you and maybe buy your material?
We are connected to all music platforms worldwide, and here are some of them:Spotify: https://shorturl.at/lvW09, Apple Music: https://shorturl.at/bchq9, Deezer: https://shorturl.at/GRX78

How do you organize concerts, is it difficult for you and how many people come to such concerts?
Usually, we organize concerts by ourselves, making phone calls and getting in touch with people running bars and live stages. It’s pretty difficult when you ‘re not a well-known band, or you don’t have a manager to deal with the people above but that’s the way it goes.

In which countries have you played and where did you have the best time, where is the crowd the craziest?
We haven’t played abroad at all, so far. Only in Greece, and especially in large cities.

What do you think about the digital release and is it serious like CD or LP?
We have to go with the flow. It’s the era of digital releases, no doubt about it, however we truly love CDs or LPs and that’s beacuse we ‘ve grown up with them…

Was metal music more honest than today?
Music is created either to enchant, express your self or to make money, but nowadays youngsters lack passion and enthusiasm, so it is quite hard to achieve anything of the above, but there are a lot of exceptions.

How do you comment on this bunch of sub-genres in metal and is it good for metal or is it destroying it?
No, not at all. Music has no label borders. These sub-genres exist to prove that metal still has an impact to young generation.

Do you support this commercialization of metal music and how about the wearing of metal t-shirts by some “exposed” people who do not belong to this philosophy of metal music?
Metal music has to embrace a wider music community. And commercialization is a mean for this embrace to become warm. So, we see no ‘harm’ in wearing those metal shirts. It’s all about freedom of expression.

What would you change in the world of metal and would you like to go back to the time before the internet if you remember it at all?
No need to change anything, We would only like to go back, before this internet thing, just to feel the joy of writing a musical chord that no one has ever written before.

How important is supporting the local scene and can you single out a band from your area that you would recommend to our readers?
The local scene is the mother of all those famous bands worldwide through the years. There are too many local bands to mention. We suggest your readers to support bands that are honest and put hard work in their songs.

How do you see this situation in the world and how do you think it will develop? Will they imprison us again, scare us or maybe send us into a big war?
War, Religion and Sports. The holy trinity of our modern world authorities that governments have established to imprison people. The situation has no optimistic scenario in sight. We, the people, must act now before the damage is irreversible.

Finally, what would you say to our readers and why should they listen to you in the sea of ​​bands that are offered to them every day?
Always find the piece of music that enlightens your souls. We, as a band, write our music straight from our heart. If someone finds this appealing that means we won the bet…

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