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Parasite Inc. release digital single and lyric video

by Ivona Bogner

Back for war… The German melodic-death-newcomers Parasite Inc. are set to unleash their second album, “Dead And Alive” on August 17th, 2018 through Reaper Entertainment Europe. To celebrate the release of the new album the band confirmed an exclusive release show at the big Summer Breeze Open-Air in Dinkelsbühl, Germany.

The band has released the first single entitled “Headfuck Rollercoaster”. The song was premiered on metal.de, Spark (CZ), Metallian (FR), Kaaoszine (Fin) and Lord Of Metal (NL). You can watch it here:

The band states:

5 years of waiting has an end: Here it is, the first single of our new album. Get in, crank up, go postal. Up and down it goes.

Parasite Inc. – Dead And Alive

1. Countershock
2. Once And For All
3. This World
4. Fall Of The Idealist
5. Headfuck Rollercoaster
6. Flesh Decadence
7. Red Wine Collider
8. Sunset Overdrive
9. Cold Silent Hell
10. Dead And Alive
11. Empty Streets (Cover)


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