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On this day in 1993 Megadeth’s hit single “Sweating Bullets” was released!

by Mislav Mihaljević

Megadeth‘s killer tune “Sweating Bullets” was released on 16th of February, 1993, which was exactly 25 years ago!

It actually was the third single from Megadeth’s fifth and one of the most popular albums, “Countdown to Extinction”.

When asked to explain the meaning behind the lyrics, Dave Mustaine stated:

I wrote that about myself. It was pointed out to me that I’m kind of schizophrenic and that I live inside my head. Which is something I don’t subscribe to, but I enjoyed the theory nonetheless. I think all of us   are sweating bullets all the time. Society’s a joke right now, and people are getting more and more hostile. When you think about having an evil twin or schizophrenia, I think a lot of us are schizo, because we live inside our heads. There’s someone we all confer with; it’s called our conscience. Some people cannot control their other side; it takes them over. Everybody has that psychotic side. Everyone has a thing that will make them snap.

The music video for the single mentioned above was directed by Wayne Isham. The clip represents Dave Mustaine as a patient in an old and dark mental institution. While staring at a mirror, someone grabs him and it turns out to be himself. As the other Dave Mustaine argues with him, more Dave Mustaines appear and interact with the first one.

The other members of the band, David Ellefson, Marty Friedman and Nick Menza, are also shown visually to have the same kind of dissociative identity disorder.

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