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Old Night premiere official music video for “Architects Of Doom”

by Vedrana Dobrić
Old Night

The time has finally come! Yesterday we have thrown a little teaser your way about the new Old Night video. We promised that all would be revealed soon and we keep our promises. Their first official music video for “Architects of Doom” is out!

In the beginning, Old Night was a solo project of Luka Petrović, but as time passed, it became a full-fledged band. Nikola was the first to join and with Luka on bass the rhythm section and the backbone of the band was complete. The band found its distinctive voice only when brothers Hanžek joined as guitarists and singers. Their distinctive vocals and singing style added a new dimension to the music of Old Night. The line-up was rounded when Bojan Frlan, best known as the lead guitarist of Croatian underground legends Castrum and Grč, joined as the third guitarist.

Their original concept of doom metal expanded to include elements of prog rock, blues and atmospheric music in general. They joined forces with German label Rain Without End Records / Naturmacht Productions, and their debut album, “Pale Cold Irrelevance“, was released on August 25, 2017. In less than a year, the album captured the hearts of domestic and foreign critics alike. Even with the ever so strict MJM commission, 3/10 members of staff, without consulting each other, included the album in the last year’s Top 10.

But oh boy, slow down! Now we have the honor to premiere their first video! The video was recorded by Kristina Barišić and shot in two different locations, both bringing their own unique special atmosphere which was worked in the song nicely.

Lastly, I bet you were kind of wondering just who is the girl from the cover, well find out in the video below!

In case you don’t have “Pale Cold Irrelevance” in your collection, make sure to catch it here.

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