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Official Metal Jacket Magazine announcement

by Metal Jacket

To our dear readers, associates, fans and general public.

We, the team behind Metal Jacket Magazine, in light of recent events, feel the need to open up and speak publicly.

We are in the midst of experiencing something that should never happen. Especially in our line of business.

The thing is, all of us behind Metal Jacket Magazine are NOT in this for money, glory, support… We are in this ONLY because we love metal and feel the need to support the bands, labels, promoters and all the others who live and breathe metal. We are a group of PEOPLE, first and foremost, then metal fans and at the very end amateur journalists. There are no written codes, laws and obligations regarding what we do. WE DO IT OUT OF LOVE OF METAL!

However, there are unwritten laws of conduct among people, metal fans and amateur journalists.

These are the ones being betrayed at this very moment.

At the very beginning of May 2020, one of our writers and assistant directors, Ivona Bogner, came upon a very interesting idea which, upon further investigation, we found original and unused. “Corona Corner” came up as an idea to interview the bands and hear their quarantined voices. Almost a 100 bands greeted the idea with utmost pleasure. And the number is getting higher by the day, as the interview series continues just as the virus does.

But the idea was stolen!

One of our, now ex, writers, Vladimir Cincovic, stole the idea for his own webpage. Demon Reports is the name. To make matters worse, Ivona was one of his associates. That fact alone gave him a way to claim the idea as his own. Further on, Vladimir had the nerve to call us thieves. Upon our requests he kept blocking our writers one after the other.

As mentioned above, we are a group of amateur writers, doing what we love in support of what we love, and have no legal means of fighting this matter.

All we can do is call upon the metal community!




Bands, labels, promoters, fans and all the other whom this may concern!

We’ve been there for you when you needed support!

Now we need you to support us!

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