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NUMENOR re-release ‘Colossal Darkness’ on 25 JUNE 2021

by Natas Dog

Colossal Darkness was out of print for some time and many were asking us for it, so we decided to reissue it in a profoundly changed edition. The sounds have been revised and corrected but we also wanted to add two bonus tracks: Stargazer by Raimbow and Flash of The Blade by Iron Maiden.

Marko Miranovic  (Singer) Says:
Since Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore were founders of fantasy metal we always wanted to make a tribute to them and their music so the choice to cover Stargazer of Rainbow was our long-time idea. We knew that it will be a hard to match such a great song and band but we have putted all our efforts in reaching the goal!

On the other hand to cover one song from Iron Maiden was our childhood dream so to say. I always remember all these CD compilations from 90s where various (mostly) black metal bands appear with their covers from Iron Maiden so it was such a dream to do the same. This time we have done only black metal vocals since Flash of the Blade really goes with it. it was such a fun to record this cover.

We always wanted to re-release our debut record Colossal Darkness, not only because it was sold out, but we wanted to make a new more powerful cover artwork and booklet. Of course, the first press and edition from 2013 was quite ok for that time, including the cover artwork and everything, but we have improved ourselves during last decade. And, we have added two bonus tracks: one from Iron Maiden and one from Rainbow so, at least from our point of view, CD looks now very interesting with everything brought on the higher level.”

The style of Númenor is truly unique: a mix between Epic, power and heavy metal of the 80s / 90s and Scandinavian black / death metal of the 90s. Various influences: Iron Maiden, Rhapsody / Luca Turilli, Blind Guardian, Bal-Sagoth, Covenant, Arcturus, the first Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child.

Releases by date
2013 Colossal Darkness (Stygian Crypt Prod.)
2015 Sword and Sorcery (StromSpell Records: Frist Press)
2017 Chronicles From the Realms Beyond  (StromSpell Records: First Press)
2021 Draconian Age (Elevate Records)
2021 Colossal Darkness 2021 EDITION  (Elevate Records)

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