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Novarupta Release “Marine Snow”

by Metal Jacket

Novarupta release the first single “Broken Blue Cascades” featuring Josh Graham (A Storm of Light / ex. Red Sparowes) and is the opening track of the album.

The vinyl will be a mix of trans blue + trans green with some white haze effect. The beginning of the descent is here!

Quote from Josh Graham:

Broken Blue Cascades explores humanity’s role in the ongoing Sixth Extinction Event and the propulsion of the Anthropocene epoch, specifically focusing on the destructive power of the rising oceans. Benevolent ocean waves will slowly cut apart our cities and redefine our coastal existence. The human species has evolved into a large hive existence, a virus overtaking the planet, destroying and consuming all it touches. No one is blind. No one is blameless. The eyes are all of us. “

Pre-order album here: https://suiciderecordsswe.bandcamp.com/album/marine-snow

1. Broken Blue Cascades
2. Every Shade of Water
3. Trieste
4. No Constellation
5. 11°22.4′N 142°35.5′E

These are the featured vocalists:
Josh Graham (A Storm of Light/ex. Red Sparowes)
Lea Amling (Besvärjelsen)
Robert Lamu (Skraeckoedlan)
Martin Persner (Magna Carta Cartel/ex. Ghost)
Mike Paparo (Inter Arma)
Arvid Hällagård (Greenleaf).

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