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NOCTAMBULIST Releasing The Barren Form on Willowtip in July

by Metal Jacket

Blackened Death Metal quartet NOCTAMBULIST have signed to Willowtip Records and will release sophomore album The Barren Form July 2 on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats. The album’s first single, “Depletion,” is streaming now on YouTube and Bandcamp.

NOCTAMBULIST issued the statement below regarding The Barren Form: “The Barren Form is a relentless and unforgiving exhibition of misery and despair. The technicality and weight of the prior album, Atmospheres of Desolation, remain persistent on this subsequent release. But, through an elevated form of songwriting and introspective lyrical content, “The Barren Form” creates a more suffocating and bleak aura. Each track embodies a manifestation of depression, grief, anxiety, and fear – a fitting theme for present day. The intent of the album is to unsettle and consume the listener. “

Pre-order: noctambulist1.bandcamp.com/album/the-barren-form

Track Listing:
1) Exordium
2) Depletion
3) Infinitesimal
4) Engulfed
5) Contrivance
6) Dissolution

Album Credits:
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Juggernaut Audio in Denver Colorado (Summer 2020)

Artwork by Nadim Zaidi and Gostworks
Guest vocals on “Engulfed” by Kelly Schilling

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