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No time for sleep at the metalfest of the Caribbean Sea

by Vjeran

70000 Tons of Metal

Dark, close-up shows.. Sunny and windy shows… see your favorite band from the hottub… which enviroment for a metal-gig do  you prefer? The cruise company Royal carribean and Ultimate metal cruises present to you 70000 tons of metal, a cruise which will provide you with the service neccesary, plus some more. Everything for you to enjoy your 4-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Falmouth, Jamaica.

In a earlier piece i wrote more about the enviroment on the boat, than the cruise experience itself. This article will be about the scenery with the metalheads onboard the ”Independence of the seas”… the music and concerts.. and the enviroment and experience..and my experience on the cruise.

So ..where to start? 120 shows in four days, and count out the land hours in Jamaica,  so 120 shows in three and a half days …

We started out with coming to the port two hours before the boarding time, as we heard rumours about big lines, and why come late? Why not start the adventure as early as possible? After a couple of hours on the terminal we finally get on-board, as we are this early onboard we haven´t got access to our cabin. But as one in our group was a experienced guest, he had provided us with the information to have our bathing clothes in our handluggage, which was a really good thing. After walking around the ship a 1 (7 of 8)bit we feel the urge for some cooling drink. We head up to the roof-top bar and instantly get the view of a hottub it does´nt take long before we changed our clothes bought a tropical fruity drink (Yes they do serve beer onboard but the enviroment screams tropical stuff sometimes) and headed down in the warm bubbly water, not that we needed the heat from the tub, but even though it was warm weather outside we just had to go in the tub.

So after a while we feel the need for a walk… walking the back of the boat and find a adventure golf venue. Me and my friend just have to play some, which almost ended up with me shooting the ball over realing and into the water.. well i got lucky that time… After finishing the round we found a basketball court.. well me and my friend could need some exercise so we decide to ”shoot some hoops” … in this weather and after our hottub we felt a bit overwhelmed with the heat and had to stop… to head to a bar to cool down a bit, perhaps a slushise-mojito sounds like a interesting choice to cool down the body?

So just for the starting three hours onboard we already manage to make our schedule full for every day for every day with all the different activities provided, even though the bands even had not start yet. As we soon to realize when reading the line up schedule we instantly saw that there will be quite a busy schedule. I already knew that i have at least 6 shows to attend starting from 18.00 and through out the night. .. and the latest one starting 03:45 in the morning. And all of you know that being on a special kind of event and with cheerful happy feelings spreading around everywhere itś very hard not to get over-excited and have to finish the night early (Yes, i mean to drunk) .. one thing that got me a bit calmer was that At the gates would be playing in my favorite arena, the ice-rink… which i think fit them best.. indoors, dark and close up arena, and i knew it will be full. Fortunate for me was that they were playing at 20.30 at that night, which was a relief… Unfortunate was that Thyrfing which is one of my favourite bands ,were playing at 03.00 and after them  it was time for Insomnium to be playing the first out of two shows onboard. Well, as you see people, there is a full schedule for everyone onboard and to have the best cruise possible its good to set up priorities how many of the bands you have to see twice and plan your sleep after the last show of the night, the next one starts at 10.00 in the morning. Because even though the cruise is great organized, by UItimate metal cruises , they haven´t planned for you to have any sleep, there is simply to much fun stuff to do onboard , even if itś just comes down to sit in the hottub speaking to people from all around the globe, but well.. I don´t think there is anyone attending on this event to think they will come back rested.

So if you are unlucky you will have your favorite band finishing up the night (morning) and 4 hours later it could be a important70000 Tons of Metal thing for you to see again, and perhaps some breakfast would be nice to start off the day with.

To get back to the At the Gates show.. At the gates for me always been making excellent music, unfortunate i think they are very random in shows they put on. Sometimes great and sometimes a lack of energy on stage, fortunate on this gig they were energized and you could see that they loved playing for the cruisers, even though their were a slight problems with the Tomas Lindbergs vocals it didńt seem to bother him and the whole band put on a energetic show in the perfect kind of arena for them .

Later that night it was time for Thyrfing to set up. They´ve been handed the slot to play on the biggest arena on the ship, ”The Alhambra stage”, which is the theatre arena. Playing the first night at that time is a missfortune for them in my mind, but well someone have to play at that time. So me and my friend coming in to the arena during the soundcheck … and it is totally empty… Me and my friend still goes to the front with a couple of beers each in our hands and wait. Feels a bit weird to stand there alone with our favorite band setting up the stage, i only hope their will be coming in more people. So the intro starts.. and a few more people have joined up… and more coming along in just a few minutes a perfectly okay amount of crowd have showed up. What i forgot about was that there are bands playing all the time, and TYR was playing before Thyring in another arena, so the lack of crowd in the beginning makes totally sense as the both bands are viking inspirated music so probably a lot of the same fans wanted to see both shows. And as i said people, there is a lot of shows, which means there is a lot of packed personal schedule´s for the crowd.70000 Tons of Metal

After the Thyrfing show i head down to the ice-rink to see some melodic death-metal from Finland, Insomnium first appearance onboard. The floor is packed with people and the crowd still are quite energetic, perhaps it is the power of alcohol or the power of positive eager feelings the first day that people don´t want to go to sleep.. perhaps a combinatin of the both.

So it is about 5.30 in the morning and i start to make my way back to the cabin, which is of course not always the easiest to find at this hour. I go by the pizza place for a coffee and several pizzaslices which i bring to the cabin in hope that some of us awake, as iḿ still to happy to go to bed and want to continue my morning, unfortunate with no luck. I still go out to on our balcony and look out over the ocean..complete darkness only my balcony light is glowing and i sit their to relfect over the day and enjoying my pizzas and coffee just before i decide to finish up in bed … first out of four days are over.(…To be continued….)

Written by Rickard Olkerud
Photo by Delaynne Grillo, Rickard Olkerud & Robin Eriksson

(croatian version)

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Mračni, izbliza nastupi…sunčani i vjetroviti nastupi…pogledati svoj omiljeni bend iz kade…koje je vaše najdraže okruženje za metal nastup, koji preferirate? Kruzerska kompanija Royal Carribean i Ultimate metal cruises vam predstavlja 70000 tons of Metal, kruzersko putovanje koje će vam ponuditi sve zatraženo pa i mnogo više. Sve što poželite na vašem četverodnevnom putovanju od Fort Lauderdalea, Floride do Falmoutha, Jamajka.

U prijašnjem dijelu sam pisao više o okruženju na brodu, nego o samom iskustvu krstarenja.  Ovaj dio će biti o događajima s drugim metalcima na ’’Independence of the seas’’…o glazbi i o koncertima…o okruženju i iskustvu…i o mom iskustvu na ovom krstarenju.

Dakle…gdje da počnem? 120 nastupa u četiri dana, i to bez da računate sate na kopnu na Jamajki, stoga 120 nastupa u tri i pol dana…

Sve počinje s dolaskom u luku dva sata prije ukrcaja jer smo čuli glasine o velikim redovima i čekanjima i stoga zašto doći kasno? 70000 Tons of MetalZašto ne započeti avanturu što je prije moguće? Nakon nekoliko sati na terminalu napokon smo se ukrcali, a kako smo stigli dosta rano, nemamo pristup našoj kabini. Ali kako je jedan u našoj grupi iskusni gost ovakvog nečeg, savjetovao nas je da naše kupaće kostime ostavimo u ručnoj prtljagi, što je bio pametan potez. Nakon kratke šetnje na brodu smo osjetili potrebu za rashlađujućim pićem. Popeli smo se do krovnog bara i odmah bacili pogled na kadu tj vruću kupelj i nije nam dugo trebalo da se presvućemo i uzmemo koje tropsko voćni piće(da, poslužuju pivo ali je cijelo okruženje nekako vrištalo za nečim tropskim) i spustili smo se u toplu vodu s mjehurićima, dobro je došla vrućina iako je vani bilo prilično toplo ali smo jednostavno morali zaroniti.

Nakon neko vremena smo se odlučili u šetnju gdje smo otkrili i avanturističko golf mjesto. Prijatelj i ja smo morali zaigrati što je rezultiralo time da otpucam lopticu preko svega i sve u more, što je čak bio i sretan slučaj taj put…našli smo i košarkaški teren i pošto nam treba malo tjelovježbe odlučili smo se ’baciti koji koš’ što nas je s obzirom na vrijeme i na vruću kupelj dodatno iscrpilo i bilo je vrijeme za pauzu…valjalo se uputiti natrag za šank na kakav mojito, to zvuči poprilično dobro za rashladiti se, ne?

Dakle za samo početna tri sata nakon ukrcaja uspili smo naš raspored za svaki dan ispuniti za raznim aktivnostima, iako bendovi još nisu ni počeli. A ubrzo smo i shvatili, nakon što smo pročitali line up nastupa, da ćemo imati itekako poprilično natrpan raspored. Već sam vidio da ću imati minimalno 6 nastupa za pohoditi krenuvši odmah od 18 sati pa sve do kasno u noć…a zadnji je bio zakazan za 3:45 ujutro. A i svi jako dobro znate kad ste na posebnoj vrsti događaja i kad ste preplavljeni svim mogućim osjećajima ushita da je jako teško od pretjeranog uzbuđenja ne zaključiti večer prerano (da, mislim na prepijan)…jedno što me malo primirilo je to što su At the Gates bili zakazni da sviraju u mojoj najdražoj areni, klizalištu…za što mislim da im najbolje pristaje. Izbliza, mračno i sve close up, znao sam da će sve biti puno. Srećom, svirali su u 20.30 navečer, što je bilo olakšanje. Nesrećom je to što je Thyrfing, koji su jedni od mojih najdražih bendova, svirali u 03.00 a nakon njih je bilo vrijeme za Insomnium koji su započinjali s prvim od dva nastupa na brodu. Kao što vidite, raspored je poprilično popunjen za svakog gosta a da bi krstarenje bilo potpuno ispunjeno, bitno je unaprijed odrediti si prioritete kao i koji bend želite vidjeti dvaput kao i odvojiti si vrijeme za san nakon zadnjeg nastupa kasno u noć, jer slijedeći već počinje u 10 sati ujutro. Iako je samo krstarenje vrhunski organizirano, od strane Ultimate metal cruises, oni nisu planirali da u biti išta spavate jer je ipak previše stvari tu, čak i ako se svedete na to da samo sjedite u vrućoj kupelji i pričate s ljudima iz svih dijelova svijeta, ali eto…mislim da ionako nitko tko dolazi na ovakvu vrstu događaja ne planira nikakav san niti odmor.

Stoga ako vas sreća i baš ne prati, dogoditi će vam se da će vaš najdraži bend završavati kasno u noć (jutro) a niti četiri sata70000 Tons of Metal poslije će biti druga bitna stvar što želite vidjeti, a možda započeti jutro s doručkom isto ne bi bilo loše.

Da se vratim na nastup At the Gates…za mene oni uvijek stvaraju vrhunski glazbu, nažalost mislim da su previše nasumični u nastupima. Ponekad su izvrsni, ponekad kao u manjku energije, ali eto ovim nastupom su bili puni energije i vidjelo se da uživaju svirajući za goste ovog krstarenja, iako je bilo malih vokalnih problema s Tomasom Lindbergom što mu se, čini mi se, nije smetalo i čitav sastav je pružio energičan nastup u tipu arene savršene za njih.

Kasnije tu večer bilo je vrijeme za Thyrfing. Dodijeljena im je bila najveća arena na brodu, ’’The Alhambra stage’’, što je kazališna arena. To što su svirali prvi tu večer je šteta po mom mišljenju ali eto netko je morao. Prijatelj i ja smo došli u arenu 70000 Tons of Metaltokom tonske probe i bila je kompletno prazna. Unatoč tome otišli smo naprijed s pivom u ruci i čekali. Pomalo je čudan osjećaj stajati sam u publici pred svojim omiljenim bendom, dok se namještaju, s pivom u ruci i nadam se da će se prostor brzo popuniti. Uvod je započeo i pridružilo nam se par ljudi i sve više ih je pristizalo kroz par minuti dok na koncu nije bio sasvim solidan broj prisutnih. Ono što sam bio zaboravio tad je to da bendovi sviraju cijelo vrijeme i da je TYR svirao neposredno prije Thyring u drugoj areni, paje nedostatak publike na početku bio sasvim normalan s obzirom da su oba benda orijentirana na vikinški metal i mnogo istih fanova je htjelo prisustovati na oba nastupa. Kao što rekoh, nastupa je masu i osobni rasporedi su prekrcani.

Nakon njihovog nastupa sam se spustio skroz dolje na klizalište da poslušam malo finskog melodic death metala, Insomniumov prvi nastup na brodu. Terene je prekrcan s ljudi koji su poprilično energični vjerojatno u kombinaciji alkohola i pozitivnog iščekivanja i odbijanja odlaska na počinak….možda jednostavno kombinacija svega pomalo.

Dakle, negdje oko 5.30 ujutro sam krenuo lagano prema svojoj kabini koju i nije baš jednostavno za pronaći u ovu uru. Prošao sam pokraj pizzerije, zgrabio kavu i par komada pizze i krenuo put kabine u nadi da su neki još budni jer sam bio presretan i prepun energije da bih mogao ići u krpe i bio sam željan nastaviti jutro, ali nisam imao sreće po tom pitanju. Izašao sam na balkon i gledao u ocean…kompletno sve mračno, samo svjetlo s našeg balkona treperi, i sjeo sam tu i razmišljao o proteklom danu uz pizzu i kavu prije nego sam se povukao u krpe…prvi od četiri dana (nastaviti će se)…

Napisao:Rickard Olkerud
Prevela i prilagodila na hrvatski: Mia Penović
Foto: Delaynne Grillo, Rickard Olkerud & Robin Eriksson

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