Home News Nile is back with a new song from the upcoming album “Vile Nilotic Rites”!

Nile is back with a new song from the upcoming album “Vile Nilotic Rites”!

by Helen Vučić

This will be a happy winter for Nile fans! We’re looking forward to their ninth full-length album “Vile Nilotic Rites” coming out November 1st and to give us an idea of what we’re in for, they unveiled the opening track “Long Shadows of Dread”, along with a captivating lyric video.

This is the band’s first release since major line-up changes, so we should not be expecting an identical sound. Vocalist and guitarist Brian Kingsland replaced long-time member Dallas Toler-Wade in 2017 and bassist Brad Parris joined in 2015 following the exit of Todd Ellis, just after their previous record “What Should Not Be Unhearted”.

Personally, I’m not too impressed with the way the new singer chooses to utilize his vocal chords, not that he is bad, but he’s not very Nile either. It could just be me, but I find Nile to be an incredibly unique gem in a sea of really generic Death metal bands we all have to constantly swim through. And I’m, maybe rightfully, a bit afraid that bringing new, younger members (and being signed to Nuclear Blast) might steer this band in a direction of a more mainstream sound. I sincerely hope not and anxiously await the rest of the album.

What do you think? Which Nile era do you like more? Check out the new song and tell us in the comments!

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