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Nightfear signed with Fighter Records

by Ivona Bogner

Spanish Power Heavy Metal band Nightfear has just signed a contract with Fighter Records for the release of their 3rd album “Apocalypse”, which will be released on February 5, 2020 in CD format.

Nightfear was formed in Madrid in 2008 and released their first album “Inception” in 2012, with which they began to establish their name in the Spanish Heavy Metal scene. Their 2nd album, a conceptual work entitled “Drums of War” in 2015, set them as one of the most prominent national bands in their genre. After the tour of presentation of said album, Nightfear retired to write their 3rd album “Apocalypse”, with which they have signed for Fighter Records.

“Apocalypse” is their most powerful and mature work to date, 10 impressive compositions full of good melodies, excellent guitar riffs and the remarkable voice of Lorenzo Mutiozabal, an album that mixes Power Metal with Heavy Metal in equal parts with influences from bands like Judas Priest, Helloween, Riot, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear…

Nightfear – Apocalypse

1. We are Back
2. Shine
3. Living your Life
4. A Better World
5. The Stranger
6. Psichokiller
7. Through the Stars
8. Nuclear Winter
9. The Evil in You
10. Angels of Apocalypse

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