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New video/single “Baboon” by Hardcore Superstar!

by Ante Topic
source: official FB page

Swedish hard rock/sleaze band Hardcore Superstar have just released their 4th single from the upcoming album ”You Can’t Kill My Rock n’ Roll”!

The video for the song ”Baboon” was directed by Max Ljungberg with Marcus Witold as the production assistant and features Ellinor Evensen, Jonatan Nilsson, Babyjoy, Tony Edebjörk, Teresa Taurendil, Julia Cronqvist as special guests.

The video is a parody of 1970’s police tv series and follows ”Juan Berlito”,  the most wanted man in Sweden and the VIP with the STD who’s obsessed with the band and is wanted by violent, alcoholic and twisted cops for everything from Kidnapping and Public Indecency to Drunk & Disorderly and DUI.

Check out what happens below!

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