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New “Festival srpskog podzemlja” announced!

by Mislav Mihaljević

The preparations for the 6th edition of “Festival srpskog podzemlja” (“Serbian Underground Festival”) are underway!

“Festival srpskog podzemlja” will be held on the 14th, and 15th of October, 2020.

The program related to creativity from the fields of visual underground art will be included this year as well, but in accordance with current circumstances, it will be only available via online format.

This year’s festival visual program will be dedicated to fanzines, underground editions, publications, handmade by fans of particular music or film genre created in this area. With this particular online exhibition of fanzine front pages, the festival organizers want to present this exceptional type of media, and to enhance the significance that it had or still has in the different historical periods.

The festival organizers invite all authors of fanzines, those who used to or still edit or collaborate in the creation of such publications, as well as all those who have fanzines in their collection, and are dedicated to underground culture (music, fine arts, film, poetry …), to send an e-mail to: festivalsrpskogpodzemlja@gmail.com which must include photographs, and scans of fanzine front pages in the best possible resolution, year of issue, and if you know how many issues the fanzine had published, from which city the fanzine originates, and who is the author of the front page, as well as who is the editor of the fanzine.

The deadline to send the materials is said to be the 1st of October, 2020.

Photos of the fanzine cover pages, and following information will be published in an e-gallery that will present this year’s festival exhibition. By doing this, the festival crew will also create a certain database of information about the fanzines that came out in this area.

The festival is being held again at SKC Novi Sad, and is partly supported by the EPK.

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