Home News NEW EP for PANYCHIDA – “Říruřec : Dreisessel” is out NOW!!!

NEW EP for PANYCHIDA – “Říruřec : Dreisessel” is out NOW!!!

by Metal Jacket

PANYCHIDA is a black/pagan metal band from the Czech Republic. One of the well established bands of the genre. In 2016, the fourth album “Haereticalia” was released on Cursed Records. In previous years the band cooperated with german Folter records as well. The band toured round Europe several times and also played a successful tour over the ocean in Mexico.

The music is a melodic mixture of black, death and heavy metal with some touches of traditional czech music. The 5th album “Gabreta Aeterna” was released in 2020 and the band won won the “Album of the year” category in the Břitva contest! There were 45 journalists from different magazines and online zines voting in different categories. They  won the main category with album of the year!

PANYCHIDA  just released their new EP “ Říruřec : Dreisessel” on August 26 via German Folter Records. You can order this via their bandcamp page.

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