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New album “Nerimo Dienos” has been released by band Juodvarnis

by Natas Dog

The Lithuanian dark metal band JUODVARNIS have just released their long-awaited 3 rd album “Nerimo Dienos” (EN – Days Of Disquiet) via the Lithuanian label Dangus.

A few years have passed since the last Juodvarnis’ record ‘Mirusio Žmogaus Kelionė’ (2016), which marked the band’s shift from folk/pagan influenced heavy metal to a more progressive, darker and heavier sounding music.

In the new album Juodvarnis started exploring even further, diving into more philosophical themes considering the weaknesses and mistakes of humankind.

The album represents their ideas in a mature, direct and complex fashion both instrumentally and lyrically. It states that the world is facing even more challenges which make so many people anxious everywhere around…

Starting from our absolute dependence on technology, being connected better than any time before, yet unable and unwilling to communicate or hear each other and running without knowing a direction or purpose. The panic after losing one’s comfort zone… Still battling our inner battles with greediness and desire for power. Shouting and demanding justice while being selfish hypocrites.

These dark clouds, mixed with the personal experiences of each band, naturally translated into what the ‘Days of Disquiet’ is about. This is also what Juodvarnis is truly about – the screaming observer, carrier of the message between this world and the darkness, raven flying over us and to the other side.

‘Nerimo Dienos’ is a huge landmark in Juodvarnis’ musical journey, showing the evolution of the band as well as their constant exploration of the landscape of heavy music. A search for perfection, remarkable increase in quality and intriguing fusion of various metal subgenres prove that Juodvarnis is one of the most interesting acts out there right now. Every fan of heavy and alternative music might find something for themselves in this album, as it is driven by the influences ranging from world music to black metal. Juodvarnis denies trends and pushes through by constructing their own musical path.

Will you join the journey through the Days of Disquiet?

The new Juodvarnis album will be presented live at MJR Kaukynės XXI½ hosted by one of the oldest and biggest Baltic folk/alternative festivals Mėnuo Juodaragis on 28th of Aug, 2020.

“Nerimo Dienos” (‘Days of Disquiet’) was recorded in Sound Division Studio in Riga, Latvia, and Muzlab Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mixed in Muzlab Studio. Mastered by Tony Lindgren (Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Leprous) at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden. Released via Dangus on 28th of Aug, 2020.

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