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NECRONOMICON release “The Final Chapter” album in 2021

by Natas Dog

NECRONOMICON’s new album, “The Final Chapter”, is in essence a new chapter for the band.

It’s the first time that the band has international members, so the sound is different because of Rik Charron (ex Exciter) on the drums and Glen Shannon on lead guitar. But, oddly enough, you still know it’s NECRONOMICON – due to founding member Freddy, and his distinctive song writing style, and Marco Lohrenz on bass and backing vocals.

The songs on the “Final Chapter”, NECRONOMICON’s tenth album, is intricate, hard hitting, full force speed and power – all in one package. There will be a song on this album that will please everyone from Power Metaller to Thrasher

As with all the previous years, the album bears the unmistakable and signature sound of Achim Köhler who was responsible for the mixing and mastering. This album is coming to tear the roof down with a blistering sonic assault and energy that NECRONOMICON are known for.

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