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Mystic Festival 2020: The lineup is getting heavier!

by Vedrana Dobrić

The lineup just keeps getting heavier: check out the latest acts joining the roster of the Mystic Festival’s second post-resurrection edition!

Nightwish: What else is there to say? Just let yourself get sucked into their dark fantasy world and carried away on the symphonic winds of their musical vision.

The legendary Judas Priest is already on the poster, so today’s addition of Accept, another pioneer of European heavy metal, should come as no surprise to fans of old-school metal.

Heilung might only be metal in spirit, but they’re a perfect fit for our festival. With its copious use of ancient Nordic myths and rituals, this is one performance you’re never going to forget – that is, if you can wake up from Heilung’s neo-folk trance.

More than just a legend of Polish metal, Vader is among the most consistent and prolific death-metal bands in the world. A new LP is slated for release in 2020, but Vader is coming to Kraków with a special program: a 25th-anniversary performance of the album “De Profundis” in its entirety. And for anyone craving a more American approach to death metal, a must-see lecture by the professors of the genre, who are flying in from Florida to present their cult debut record “Slowly We Rot”. That’s right: Obituary is coming to Kraków to tear your guts out.

And how about some melodic, shamelessly catchy heavy metal? Don’t miss Beast In Black. The title of their latest album “From Hell with Love” tells you everything you need to know about this Finnish act. What about something different, something modern, mind-bending and mold-breaking? Say hello to Moldova’s Infected Rain, featuring the charismatic Lena Scissorhands on vocals.

Well, I can smell you at the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków from the 10th to the 11th of June. So if you are looking for more details, make things easier to yourself and click here!

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