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Murky Claw release “Dog Child”, the third single from EP “M3TAVERSE”

by Natas Dog

Murky Claw, the group from Barquisimeto, Venezuela today with its members residing in various latitudes, returned with force with their new EP M3TAVERSE. With this EP, Murky Claw reaffirms its return as a band, experimenting with new sounds that transcend the alternative metal with which they became known at the end of the nineties.

“Dog Child” is the third single from “M3TAVERSE”, It is a song full of dense and heavy riffs that can hypnotize the listener from the beginning to the end giving priority to the complex guitar rhythms over the vocal melodies. This work is being mixed, mastered, and co-produced by the well-known Dj Zardonic, a Venezuelan living in Germany.

Murky Claw is a band formed in 1996, recognized at that time among the leading alternative metal bands in Venezuela along with Candy 66, Subsonus, Liqüet, TrasDeVieja, Decibel, and Agresión. Félix Allueva, in the book ‘ROCK VZLA’, affirms that Murky Claw “is one of the bands that gave agro-metal a seal of quality in the country”.

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