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Monuments: The new record is the most climactic and cohesive Monuments album to date.

by Vjeran

First congratulations on the new album, because these were really challenging times and unfortunately they are still challenging. We hope that some inner peace will soon prevail in all people.

Andrew: Agreed, and thanks!

Given that this is a time of quarantine and pandemics lately, how did you create this album, everyone at home or did you still manage to write together?
Andrew: Despite being in separate places, we were able to tackle the entire album remotely through the use of video chats, sending loads of audio back and forth, and an online server dedicated to the making of the record.

What motivates you to create, are they everyday situations or some of your deeper feelings?
Andrew: It’s a bit of both. We all have a creative instinct that drives us, and it is exacerbated by our real-life experiences. Parts of the record are inspired by our own personal journeys, and other parts are written about external concepts that we feel passionate about. It all ties in with the theme of balance, or stasis.

What do you listen to when you create songs, do you listen to anything or are you concentrating only on your own?
Andrew: I think our music-listening habits tend to be sporadic and independent from what we’re working on at any given moment. However, I reckon that whatever we happen to be listening to during the writing process ends up bleeding into the influence. Some of the artists we were listening to during the making of the new record were Meshuggah, Kendrick Lamar, and Hans Zimmer.

How do you see the development of music and can it develop more in the audible direction at all?
Andrew: There seems to be an ebb and flow of musical trends/development, in the way that elements go in and out of style cyclically. The art that we’re making is impacted both consciously and subconsciously as these trends are shifting, but our creative needs remain unchanged at their cores.

Can you tell us a little more about the album, how satisfied you are and is this your best so far?
Andrew: The new record is the most climactic and cohesive Monuments album to date. We put a lot of focus on structure and songwriting, storytelling, and impactful moments throughout. Our aim was to make each song dynamic and unique, but have them all tie into the central theme of the album. We’re incredibly satisfied and believe it is our best record yet!

What topics are discussed through the texts and why?
Andrew: The main topic of the album is equilibrium, or stasis. The idea that balance is achieved through never-ending power struggles, and being caught within those battles. Each song tells a different story, some are very personal and some are more broad. They all tie into this underlying theme of stasis.

What are your plans, are you going on tour?
Andrew: We currently have a UK run announced for late April, and an EU run scheduled for early August. There are several more tours in the works for this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements!

Has this pandemic changed the relationship between performers and listeners since most performers were available either through video calls or as studio musicians who could be hired?
Andrew: I think the pandemic has created unique opportunities for listeners to connect with performers that weren’t previously prominent. For example, a lot of artists (including Monuments) have taken to live streaming as a means of performing and communicating directly with their audiences. Many elements of this album process involved working on music during live streams and allowing the viewers to interact and be a part of it.

What are your favorite places to play?
Andrew: We love playing all over, but our home base in London at Islington Assembly is always always a blast.

And finally, if you want to say something to the readers of Metal Jacket Magazine, and certainly to your listeners.
Andrew: Thank you so much for your continued support of the band! We hope you enjoy our new record as much as we enjoyed making it (loads!). We’ll see you out there on the road!

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