Home News “Monochromatic”is the new single from AMTHRYA

“Monochromatic”is the new single from AMTHRYA

by Metal Jacket

The track is taken from “Passage”, the new album released via Ad Noctem Records / Drakkar Productions.

The record is an obscure concept album revolving around some disturbing themes; through a story full of different scenarios and details, the band led by the terrifying Kasumi Onryō, keep going on its path among the shadows of the human soul, revealing its horrors and atrocities, strongly inspired by demons and spirits of the Japanese mythology.

Amthrya’s music is undoubtedly guided by darkness, the ferocity of the rhythm section is now a trademark, but it’s in the sound and style research that the group’s members manage to reach their artistic peak.
The recording sessions took place at Black Church Studios in Novara, Italy, under the watchful eye of the band’s founder and drummer Barry Yukimura.

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