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MOLTEN CHAINS Premiere New Song – “Communion”

by Vjeran

Vienna-based heavy metal band MOLTEN CHAINS has unveiled a new song off their forthcoming album, Orisons of Vengeance. 

Orisons of Vengeance will be out May 6 on CD and digital formats via Alone Records. Postmortem Apocalypse and Night Rhythm Recordings will release the vinyl edition in the summer of 2022.

Orisons of Vengeance showcases the band playing to their strengths of speed, technicality and originally to create other-worldly dynamic songs which musically, lyrically, and conceptually tower above their previous output. Ideas that were hinted at in the past are expanded to their fullest, encompassing moments of epic beauty, majesty, and might as well snarling aggression and primal savagery. The album also marks the first concept album for the band, telling a tale of Shakespearean proportions accompanied by a manifold of guitar riffs, solos, and drumming above and beyond the level that fans have come to expect from the band.

Orisons of Vengeance was recorded, mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Thomas Taube at Five Lakes Studios, Bavaria, Germany in August 2021.

Track List:
1) Hand of God
2) Bedevilled by Sorrow
3) Black Mantle
4) Communion
5) Crimson Equinox
6) Martyrdom

MOLTEN CHAINS was formed in 2017 and has released two full-length albums on various cult underground labels from both Europe and the USA. The band has gained a reputation as being one of the most unique bands in the modern heavy metal underground. By creating a sound that draws not only from the greats of the genre but also from the obscure corners of heavy metal, black metal, and avant-garde metal, MOLTEN CHAINS are a band that truly stands alone.

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