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Mist reveal second song from the upcoming album!

by Vedrana Dobrić

The Slovenian predominantly female doom metal band Mist reveal song “The Ghoul” as the second song from their upcoming debut album entitled “Free Me Of The Sun”, which will be released on June 1 via Soulseller Records.

The recording of the album was held in the Ork studio in Jevnica, for which they say it was their first and foremost choice. Benjamin Kic was again responsible for producing and mixing the album, while mastering was this time done by Patrick W. Engel (Candlemass, Pentagram, Darkthrone, Exodus) from the studio named Temple Of Disharmony.

The band states:

We have put more emphasis on the mere preparation for the recording and searching for the sound we desire, first for each instrument individually, and then we did the same for the sound of the whole band in general. It could be said that we are proud because this time we returned our real Mist sound that got lost on the EP Inan.

Bass player Neža adds:

I am proud of us for being so focused on the preparations for the recording, and being so endurable during the whole process. We gave our best and didn’t back up until every little peace was in place and sounded right.  The songs on the album were created individually, but this does not mean they are not related, because they all are consisting of themes that were always present within us – death, life after death, nature, spells… All the lyrics are a product of current inspiration instead of the planned sequence of topics or events. 


When asked to define the album cover, Mist simply conclude:

Waves of blood and emotions are the sea where a person rises into the depths of the rest of it’s life and leaves from the sun. In the darkness, then, he accepts the moon, which gives him new hope in mortal existence.

The official promotion of “Free Me Of The Sun” will be held on June 9 at the Gromka Club in Ljubljana, where Mist will be joined by the excellent Croatian doom metal band Old Night, which is going to be Old Night’s first performance in Slovenia.

Listen to “The Ghoul” below.

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