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by Natas Dog

In Corona Corner, we are asking musicians how the outbreak has effected them, how did they adapt to the situation, what did they learn. Greek band MIND ERASURE shares his Corona experience with us today.

Hi! How are you doing during corona outbreak?
Hello, Corona outbrake found as durring the final recordings for our first album CONNIVE, and delayed us too much.

What have you cancelled/postponed due coronavirus?
Our album realesh

How the global coronavirus pandemic is directly impacting bands?
Yes, the lack of live shows, difficulties in rehearsing and composing affect all musician globally.

How are you keeping your fans during this chaotic period?
Posting photos and small clips on our Instagram page.

What will metal look like when we re-emerge from isolation?
I believe that there will be a huge “wave” of live shows and releases. The funs and the bands are thirsty for shows and new music.

Who will suffer the most after all: musicians, organizers promoters…?
My opinion is that the suffering is equal for all of us.

What is your isolation soundtrack?
I loved the latest 1914 album, and I have been listening to a lot of UADA and MGLA.

Besides gigs, what/whom do you miss the most?
I miss live shows and i miss all the freedom we lost due to covid restrictions.

Do you have any rehearsals during quarantine? If yes, how do they look like?
Thank you so much for your time. Stay safe!
No rehearsal for us during quarantine.

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