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Mikkey Dee (Scorpions): “Save Yourselves! Stay Home!”

by Ivona Bogner

German legends Scorpions arrived in Blegrade day before their big show at Štark Arena. If you thought Germans are never late, you are wrong. Germans in Serbia are late! Traffic, strikes, tolerable five minutes, led by Klaus MeineRudolf SchenkerMatthias Jabs, Paweł Mąciwoda and Mikkey Dee entered conference room at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Metal Jacket Magazine was there and brings you part of atmosphere.

Mathias Jabs opened the press conference with the words:

We are ready for tomorrow and we are happy to be here.

After asked would they change anything he added:

Fifty years is a long time, three bit more than that by now, I would say, I hope I speak for everybody in the band, that we wouldn’t change anything. Of course a long career like ours, that’s not always go up, sometimes we have lower points as well. It’s not always sunshine, not shadows as well. Overall, I would say we woldn’t change anything. We are happy to be here, we are ready to perform. Even after such a long time, shows are going great. We would do the same thing over and over again.

Klaus spoke about the music in general:

It all goes in circles. We saw punk, we saw alternative music. We were rock music, than years later it was called heavy metal. There is audience for this kind of music, we are glad it is still alive and it will be alive in a years to come. We are glad that Rock And Roll is alive. It will be alive in a years to come, because always new generations discover this kind of music. Musicians play with real guitars, real drums, writing songs straight from the heart. This kind of emotions the fans can find on rock concert. This is what everybody is looking for. One of the reasons that very summer all those summer festivals in Europe are pretty much sold out. everybody wants to have a great time. We forget the moment,the real world and enjoy life. It feels great we are part of it and giving people music and through the music, going to the world of emotions, and enjoy great evening with friends.

At some point, Mathias Jabs spoke with Klaus Meine on German and laughed. Than they they explained:

We are laughing cause we didn’t hear a word. Just speak a louder a bit, we are deaf musicians. It’s because of Mathias’s guitar and Mickey’s drums. It’s still ringing in our ears since last night show.

Asked from where winds of change blow today, Klaus answered:

Hopefully for younger generations, to find a better life again. When we wrote the song after the end of Cold War we were looking for positive, peaceful future. These days it’s more about separation instead of coming together and building a peaceful future for our children for next generations to come. It’s time for wind of change.

Rduolph Schenker gave a perfect answer on question what was their favorite Scorpions song:

Love, peace and Rock And Roll. Love stands for “Still Loving You”, peace for “Wind of Change” of course and Rock And Roll for “Rock You Like a Hurricane”.

Since Mikkey Dee, I will be free to say, is the clown of the band, logic questions was, how it is feel having Mikkey in the band? Klaus answered:

He is amazing drummer, a great guy and it is so much and he is so much fun. All of us enjoy so much to hang with, travel, to spend so much time together. We are like a family, so that is very important that the chemistry is right and with Mickey was right from the beginning and he gives us a fresh energy which is wonderful. It is great. 

Mikkey revealed that his uncle was from Serbia. He just mentioned his uncle’s name and wanted to answer the previous question. But Rudolph was curious and insisted to speak of his uncle.

He is unfortunately dead since many years, but he was the clown of the whole family. He was so funny, very funny guy. With this guys, unfortunately, when Lemmy died that I had a chance to play with this guys. that was fantastic to come in a band. But it was not easy for them, not easy for me. As Klaus said, we live together, we play together, we work together, it’s very hard work and the chemistry was there. We known each other for many years and it was great. Hope you will see that tomorrow. If we would play today, you would be very disappointed but tomorrow it will be extremely good. 

Who gave an idea that you will sing in English and how was the reaction of German audience? Klaus answered:

We were inspired by English and American music. At the time in Germany it was all about schlager music. We were inspired by all those cool bands. For this kind of music, the guitar oriented music, there was no other way than to sing on English. The fans liked it. But, as a German band we thought to prove ourselves outside of Germany. Are we really good enough? So in  ’74, ’75 we were playing in England, this was the place to find out and it was amazing, the feedback was really amazing. We are international band. We became a part of international rock family till this day. This is what we always wanted to do. 

Mikkey Dee had a clear message for the fans:

Save yourselves! Stay home! Because once you get polluted with the band like Scorpions, that’s it, you are fucked, and you are listen it to the rest of your life. If you are ready for it, come to see us.

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