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Mgła almost sold out Zagreb’s show!

by Helen Vučić

The summer hasn’t even ended yet and we’re already looking forward to the upcoming autumn season! To reel us in, Subsonic Events and Hangtime Agency are bringing us Polish giants of Black metal Mgła!

On September 6th, make your way to club Močvara to partake in an all-night-long ritual of the void. For Mgła isn’t coming alone, but with an entourage of the most promising Polish colleagues, Martwa Aura and Above Aurora, both rising acts in the local Black metal scene.

Mgła were formed nineteen years ago in Krakow by frontman Mikołaj “M” Żentara and drummer Darkside. For the live performances, they are backed up by bassist ShellShocked and guitarist E.V.T.  The year of 2015 was marked as the beginning of their careers because band released a split “Crushing the Holy Trinity”. In 2006, two EP’s hit the light of the day: “Presence” and “Mdłości”. In 2007, they brought compilation “Mdłości + Further Down the Nest” and EP “Further Down The Nest”. Finally, debut album “Groza” was released in 2008. After, in 2012, Mgła released “With Hearts Toward None”, they started playing live shows with Maciej Kowalski (drums). Compilation “Presence/Power and Will” was released in 2013, and in 2015 followed their third full-length “Exercises  in Futility”. The album got positive reviews, and was marked as the best one in their fifteen years of career

Don’t be a fool, this isn’t an event to miss. If you love Black metal and think it loves you back, run for the ticket now because they’re selling like hot cakes! Močvara can only host a select audience of dedicated fans, count yourself in.

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