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MetalDays 2020: Five fantastic bands added to the lineup!

by Helen Vučić

The last band announcement for the next MetalDays edition is here! I know At The Gates is supposed to be the big headliner here but all I can see is Cattle Decapitation! Another very fine addition here is Benediction, and we’ll also party with Dark Fortress and Vulture Industries!

At The Gates – pioneers of Gothenburg melodic death metal are coming back to Tolmin! In the mid-90s, they released an album called “Slaughter of the Souls” which is, without any doubt, one of the most influential albums of extreme metal music ever released! They are going to play it in its entirety on MetalDays 2020! Be there!

Benediction – It’s a great honour for us to sound the alert for another very special cult-act! An ultimate classical killer, none less than the UK death-worshipers – Benediction!!! What a treat for old-school fanatics and what an invitation to party hard till the bitter end!

Cattle Decapitation – a top requested name by our visitors. The band enriches their progressive and partially catchy Death Metal with Grindcore elements to create a haunting, gloomy but always thrilling sound. This works as the basis for their socio-critical, misanthropic lyrics and gives a special substance to them. Warm up your necks and let your heads roll!

Dark Fortress – an eclectic and unique name on black metal scene. Over the years they have changed their sound from aggressive death/black to more complex and challenging dark/black metal and back to classical melodic black metal sound. Shortly, a must-see for black metal fans and enthusiasts of dark, progressive music!

Vulture Industries – Are you interested in thinking outside of the box and experiencing new, different music forms? Then this band is for you. Avant-garde, progressive, ludicrous and ready to blow away your mind. We are just as curious as you are – let’s check them out together at MetalDays!

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