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Metal show “Pila Naopako” tonight-www.klfm.org

by Vjeran

The oldest metal show in Croatia, Pila Naopako presents:

  1. Open Your Eyes/Angel Vengeance
  2. The Final Test/Cromags
  3. Call of the Beast/HORNADO
  4. Silver and Gold/Athlantis
  5. Rule #1/Exlibris
  6. March of the Tin Foil Hats/Nils Patrik Johansson
  7. Hunter’s Night/Allen – Lande
  8. Celestial Tomb/PlagueLord
  9. Hell Raiders/Mortician
  10. When Death Comes/Artillery
  11. The Great Tribulation/Beast of Revelation
  12. Fuel Injected Suicide/Siren

Listen Pila Naopako every Sunday at 9 pm (cest) at www.klfm.org or https://www.mixcloud.com/pila-naopako/stream/

Feel free to send promo material at info@metaljacketmagazine.com.

Pila Naopkao was established in 1994 and now it is a part of Metal Jacket community. Stay with us and spread the metal worldwide!

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