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Metal Jacket Magazine Podcast With Steve Di Giorgio

by Mislav Mihaljević

What meant to be a classic video interview, turned into a long, interesting, fun and first “Metal Jacket Magazine Podcast” with the man best known for playing bass with numerous gigantic metal acts such as Sadus (of whom he was one of the co-founders), Death, Testament, Sebastian Bach, Iced Earth, Autopsy, Obituary, Control Denied, Dragonlord and Charred Walls of the Damned, and he has performed on over 50 albums as a guest, session or full-time band musician.  We are extremely proud to share with you that our first podcast video ever was done with Steve Di Giorgio. A man of a well-known name, who’s name carries a great amount of fame.

Although he needs no words to describe the brilliance behind all of his work, Steve shared with us all there is to share regarding many topics of our conversation. We went through his personal observations about the current Covid crisis, and how it affected the music industry. After that, we talked about his recent work with Testament, and how was it to release a new album in the wake of a lockdown. Besides Testament, we asked Steve also about the time he was with Death, about his relationship with the late mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, and also some unusual, funny stories, he, Chuck, and the rest of the crew have been a part of.

Steve Di Giorgio has also told us about his musical influences, and bass playing preferences. By being the first bass player to bring fretless bass playing into the heavy, and extreme metal, he had a lot to say so, and the right to say it.  

Regarding his many music projects, and musical acts he has told us about, he also talked about the international melodic death metal supergroup Act Of Denial, which has it’s origins in Croatia.

If we go like this, we could really go on forever, and to be honest, the work on our first podcast would be then thrown in the abyss, and we don’t really want that. So, turn everything off for the next hour and a half, except the first “Metal Jacket Podcast” with Steve Di Giorgio, and his faithful compainion, the Dobermann named Runa!

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