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Metal Jacket Magazine Podcast with Kimmo Kuusniemi

by Mislav Mihaljević

In the new episode of Metal Jacket Magazine Podcast, we are pleased to introduce the Godfather of Finnish Heavy Metal himself, Mr. Kimmo Tapani Kuusniemi. Kimmo is a Finnish guitarist, and a well known name in the television, and film making industry. He is one of the pioneers of Finnish Metal music.

Founded in 1977 by Kimmo Kuusniemi, Sarcofagus is considered Finland’s first Heavy Metal band. In the early 1980s, Sarcofagus made a total of three albums, including the first two in 1980. The band’s third album was the 1982 “Moottorilinnut ” recorded entirely in Finnish language, and released under the name Kimmo Kuusniemi Band. 

After the album “Moottorilinnut “, Kimmo Kuusniemi left music making and moved on to television, and film productions. He directed, and filmed various advertisements, nonfiction, and short awareness films. In 1992, Kimmo Kuusniemi moved with his spouse to England, where he is still living. Kuusniemi has filmed numerous music videos for various artists, including Madonna, Grace Jones, and The Verve. In addition, he has worked as a director in videos by several metal bands and composed film music.

As we concluded, neither Kimmo nor Mislav could remember all the things they have talked about during this episode, but it all makes some sense in the end.

If you ever wondered why Donald Duck or “Aku Ankka” has a cultural icon status in Finland, Kimmo Kuusniemi is the right person to provide that answer!

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