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Metal from Slovenia at Festival srpskog podzemlja

by Ivona Bogner

This year, on fifth Festival srpskog podzemlja (SMP), the focus will be on legendary metal band from Slovenia, Sarcasm

Sarcasm is one of the first Slovenian metal bands that broke into mainstream. The band was formed in Kranj in 1987. Before they released first album, Sarcasm had two demos. First album “Crematory” was released in 1989. By now, the band released “Igra narave” (On Parole Productions, 2002), “Divja kri” (On Parole Productions, 2002), “Revolt.” (On Parole Productions, 2003), Something To Believe In “, (Independent, 2011) and “Thrash” (On Parole Productions, 2013).

FSP will also bring documntary movie Železne Stopinje (Iron Footsteps), the documentary film about the evolution of Slovenian Heavy Metal. The movie was recently premiered on national Slovenia television. Železne Stopinje was released on 13 October, 2017. 114 minutes long documentary is a tribute to the enduring representatives and all metal heads that left a mark on the Slovenian music scene in the 70’s and 80’s. Heavy metal in Slovenia was forced to constantly defy nonconstructive criticism and was quite underestimated during its existence. Thanks to the steadfast persistence, irrepressible energy and at the same time peaceful ideology and a firm backbone, the heavy metal subculture succeeded to overcome the boundaries of the political system, time and space, thus becoming a part of culture and sociopolitical history of the nation. The authors of the film try to immortalize the spirit of this era of Slovenian music through testimonies of the main representatives of Slovenian heavy metal scene from those times, and offer it to future generations. At the same time, they want to pay these incredible musicians and their audience due respect which they rarely got during the time of their musical existence.

Producer Debis Brnčić and the art director Ognjen Zeljić will be special guests at Serbian premiere. 

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