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Melodic metal project Trapézia releases new EP ‘ECILA’

by Natas Dog

Bringing together magic and retro-futuristic concepts, the Trapézia project shares its debut EP titled ‘ECILA’, which is available on all digital platforms from, July 13th. The EP features the special participation of renowned musician Fernando Quesada (General Director of the music school group SCHOOL OF ROCK BRASIL), who has played in the bands Shaman and Noturnall, and currently plays in Armored Dawn.

In her first musical work, artist Thaís Lyrica uses all her knowledge of fashion training to insert a retrofuturistic visual concept into her music. With the release of ‘ECILA’, the artist presents us with a fantastic world inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a work by Lewis Carrol, where every detail, from the letters to the costumes, were conceived and made by Thais. With an authentic and steampunk look, Trapezia takes you on a fantastic journey into the world of ECILA.

‘ECILA’ is a predominantly female name of Greek origin meaning “True, Authentic, True”, being an anagram of the name Alice. The EP tells the story of a fairy, named Ecila, who has the power to transform into any species. The songs tread through a bucolic and gloomy setting and the character is always in conflict with her mind and she never knows what is real.


1. Games (feat. Fernando Quesada)
2. Mirror
3. Doors

Line-up: Thais Lyrica (vocalist and composer), Loud Factory (All instruments)

Production and recording: Loud Factory
Mixing and Mastering: Loud Factory
Artwork: Paula Monise
Photography: Jess Lagoas

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