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Me And That Man released official video for “Burning Churches”

by Vedrana Dobrić
Me And That Man

Me And That Man have unleashed their latest black sermon “Burning Churches” accompanied by an obscure audiovisual. Mat McNerney’s (Grave Pleasures) raspy, gripping vocal performance accents this outlaw country-inspired blackened blues piece, forging an ominous atmosphere.

Nergal on “Burning Churches”:

If someone would have told me one day, I’d release a Xmas song, I would have burst into laughter. Hell freezes over and I present to you, “Burning Churches”. This time I team up with Mat McNerney from the legendary Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, DHG and Hexvessel. Make yourself comfortable around the Christmas tree, stoke the fire and grab yourself a drink! Hallelujah.

The story of “Burning Churches” goes much deeper than a first glance or listen might suggest. The new single tackles the dark, mournful tale of a young boy who was abused by a priest in his childhood. By swearing vengeance on the church and radicalizing himself, he transforms into a sort of satanic anti-hero who seems to gather more followers by the second. “Burning Churches” to the ground, one by one, he gets his revenge. Me And That Man have presented the story in another grim snapshot with an elaborate comic strip depiction. Make sure to check it below!

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