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MASSFACE streams the new album, INEQUABLE

by Natas Dog

MASSFACE, an alternative metal/progressive rock band hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has just released their newest album ‘Inequable’ on YouTube.

‘Inequable’ means ever-changing, unequal, just like the shifting sound shapes of every song on this album – you can’t be ready for the next part of the next song until you get to hear it.

The album shows MASSFACE‘s growth as a band as it continues to experiment with different rhythms and elements of different genres they never tried before: from punk rock to metalcore and progressive metal – even having used acoustic guitars this time! And the new vocalist Aleksandr Grigorev, who joined the band in 2020, took the lyrical and vocal game to another level and helped produce this really mature record which MASSFACE has all the rights to be really proud of.

‘Inequable’ seems to be heavily influenced by the works of ToolKarnivool and Dead Letter Circus, so it’s absolutely recommended for the listeners who respect, understand and enjoy the approach and sound of the aforementioned bands.

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