Home News Marduk once again invades Croatia on 25th of April!

Marduk once again invades Croatia on 25th of April!

by Tomislav Kuternik

The Swedish black metal panzer battalion after four years once again is coming back to Croatia in the third part of their Viktoria Europa Tour promoting their newest album of the same name released in 2018 by Century Media records.

Since 1990 led their guitarist and original member Morgan Hakansson, Marduk even after 29 years shows no sign of tire or retreat and with their newest opus “Viktoria” it shows that the cogs are still spinning in the old war machine.

Their march is accompanied with another Swedish black metal band Valkyrja, formed in 2004 with 4 albums under their belt with “Throne Ablaze” is their latest, released in 2018 by the World Terror Committee label.  Additional support is yet to be announced.

The site of the assault is Vintage Industrial bar on 25th of April.

Prepare your bullet belts and army boots because after Easter is going to get bloody.

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