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Magnus Devo Andersson left Marduk

by Ivona Bogner

Dan Everth Magnus Andersson, in Black Metal world known as Devo, announced his departure from legendary Swedish band Marduk!

After a total of 17 years in Marduk, 70 countries and almost 900 gigs, I decided to leave the band. I intend to concentrate more on studio. I therefore wish the other members of Marduk good luck in the future.

Devo joined Marduk in 1992 as a guitar player. He switched from guitar to bass position in 2004 when Marduk released “Plague Angel”. His last album with the band was “Viktoria” (2018).

Devo  started his career back in band Allegiance in 1990.  In metal history he will be signed as guitarist, bassist and vocalist  of Atom & Evil, Cardinal Sin, Dear Mutant, Endarker, Sargatans Reign and Overflash. Magnus also works as a sound engineer and producer at Endarker Studio.

Metal Jacket Magazine wishes all the best to both, Devo and Marduk in the future!

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