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MAGICAL HEART interview: We make honest music but I think it was more awesome in the past

by Vjeran

When we started Metal Jacket Magazine, we wanted to somehow bring our readers closer to bands that might have a harder time breaking through to listeners in the sea of bands and music.

To begin with, it would be best if you introduced your band.
So hello, and thank you for joining us for your Metal Jackert Magazine! We are MAGICAL HEART from Munich Bavaria and we play Melodicrock- Hardrock Music.

Is it hard to keep all the members together since this music has no income?
Yes, it was not easy the past years. It changed the Band quite a bit. But we have found 2 new Members wich are great! Now we are all super happy how everything turned out. But we are still in touch with the old members, even the new members. So everything is fine. =)

How do you finance yourself and can you cover the costs of recording, equipment, concerts with music?
We paid for everything out of our own pockets. Of course we hope to earn a little again with the new album and also merch on live shows and fill the band account 😉

What made you start playing metal music? Who were your role models in the beginning and has that changed over time?
We all listen to very different music but in the end it ́s Rock’N’Roll 😉 From pop to metal, everything. Regarding our music it’s clearly bands like Helloween, Unisonic, The Cult, Def Leppard to name a few that have inspired us.

Is it hard to find a publisher or is it better to self publish considering the internet?
Since 2014 we are signed with Fastballmusic label.

What have you published so far?
We have released 1 album so far (Another Wonderland in 2018) and 4 singles from the new album (Heartsonic 2022). And of course the new Album is out in its entirety since October 7th.

How do you create songs, how do you record them?
I wrote most of the Demos for the new album. Then the whole Band took the Songs to finish them. We work really close together, to get the best out of everyone. And we are beyond happy how it turned out.

Where do you get inspiration for the lyrics?
They just come to mind 😉 … Haha … No I usually have an idea about the song and then work it out. Currently, it is much about personal things but everybody can relate to them and put their one story into the songs. At least I always try to write that way 😉 😉 😉

What is your favorite song you’ve made so far and why?
My Own Way! I think that this song is very amazing. Especially the lyrics. A beautiful story. It’s about someone who is proud and grateful for what he has achieved. Also through the support of family and friends in his live. Just a wonderful and positive song.

Where can readers listen to you and maybe buy your material?
Our music is published on all platforms. And of course on our concerts at the merch. Feel free to come by when we are in your area ;)! Or contact us on our social media pages and we will get back to you!

How do you organize concerts, is it difficult for you and how many people come to such concerts?
We are also looking for shows ourselves besides our booking agency Redlionmusic. Whether as a support act for touring bands in our area or as self organized headline shows. Feel free to contact us, if you want us to play in your city!

In which countries have you played and where did you have the best time, where is the crowd the craziest?
In 2018 we have supported Gus G on tour all over Europe. This was the first big tour for us. It was just great and we enjoyed every show ;)! For us it’s important that people have a good time at our shows. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 or 5000 people. We always put over 100% into our shows. Let’s wait and see how the tour turns out in the fall with Serious Black. In any case, we are totally looking forward to go on the road!

What do you think about the digital release and is it serious like CD or LP?
It makes a lot of things easier in this time, but it simply harms the music industry. Especially little bands like us do not get much out of it. In the end we pay to get our music out, but don’t get much back. But this is how it works these days. Sad, but true!!

Was metal music more honest than today?
Definitely!!! We make honest music but I think it was more awesome in the past. However, there are great musicians out there today!

How do you comment on this bunch of sub-genres in metal and is it good for metal or is it destroying it?
I like to listen to many subgenres myself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. There is just so much music out there. And also variations of genres. Personally, I think that there are hardly any honest and authentic albums. Everything is totally overproduced and hardly live still convertible. I think that’s a pity. In MAGICAL HEART it is still honest and authentic 😉 hahaha …

Do you support this commercialization of metal music and how about the wearing of metal t-shirts by some “exposed” people who do not belong to this philosophy of metal music?
I am really open-minded! And if I like a Tshirt of a band, then I just buy it 😉 But yes, I think there are people out there who don’t know what they are wearing =).

What would you change in the world of metal and would you like to go back to the time before the internet if you remember it at all?
I would like to see the bands and the music get more support and recognition again! If I could go back to the 80’s , I would 😉 !!!!

How important is supporting the local scene and can you single out a band from your area that you would recommend to our readers?
I think that’s totally important. And especially here in the Munich area there are great bands. But it’s very hard to keep on going with all the costs that are involved. Munich is not cheap ground to live. “Slears” or “As it Rains” are just 2 that come to mind. Of course [Hell Inc.], wich our Drummer and Guitarist are a part of. Definitely listen to them 😉 ! And of course MAGICAL HEART =) Haha

How do you see this situation in the world and how do you think it will develop? Will they imprison us again, scare us or maybe send us into a big war?
We probably can’t predict how everything will turn out. We must stick together and hope for the best in this world. Just be kind to each other. War sucks!!! As for the pandemic, well, we will see! So far, many things are wrong on this planet. We try to stay positive and help each other!

Finally, what would you say to our readers and why should they listen to you in the sea of bands that are offered to them every day?
It would be amazing if you listen to our new album “Heartsonic”! It is really a great and varied Melodic – Hardrock album that we are all very proud of! Also check out our social media platforms! Buy, stream and listen to our music to support us! And feel free to come to one of our shows in your area! We are looking forward to YOU!!!! And thank you very much for having us 🙂

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