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Lordi released single-video for “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You”

by Ivona Bogner

Lordi released second official single-video “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You” from their new album “Killection” which will hit the streets on the 31st of January, 2020!

Mr. Lordi reveals:

This is the most modern track on the so-called compilation, but the melody in the chorus and the title of the track have already been around ever since Lordi’s second album, “The Monsterican Dream”. The song is a violent love story about somebody’s crush who gets stalked, but in Lordi’s world the following twist is normal rather than abnormal: the one who was stalked and killed comes back to take revenge. If nothing supernatural ever happened, that would actually be worth mentioning. We shot the video with a very tight schedule last week in Oulu, Northern Finland, and Lordi fans will recognize a familiar face, Ralph Ruiz, who has been hoping for some ten years already he could be in our music video. The American hasn’t usually been around when we’ve been shooting music videos, but now we were able to fit our schedules together at last. Many people have been confused by this –  is he real or a made-up character? This is in fact a guy with his own face, his own name and his own life. He’s just been pulled into this, because that’s what he wanted. Careful what you wish for – you just might get it.

Check Lordi’s second official single-video for”I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You” below!

Just few weeks after the release of “Killection” Lordi will crawl out of their forests to hit the road on a Europe wide tour. Make sure to check all the dates below!

16.2.2020 – HU-Budapest – Barba Negra
18.2.2020 – SK-Bratislava – MMC
20.2.2020 – ITA-Bergamo – Druso
21.2.2020 – ITA-San Dona/Venice – Revolver
22.2.2020 – AUT-Klagenfurt – Stereo
23.2.2020 – AUT-Wien – Szene
27.2.2020 – F-Istres – L`usine
29.2.2020 – ES-Madrid – Shoko
1.3.2020 – ES-Barcelona – Razzmatazz 2
2.3.2020 – D.Toulouse – Le Bikini
3.3.2020 – F-Angers – La Chabada
5.3.2020 – F-Epinal – Souris Verte
6.3.2020 – F-Paris – La Machine de Moulin Rouge
7.3.2020 – NED-Sneek – Bolwerk
10.3.2020 – D-Muenchen – Backstage
12.3.202′ – D-Hamburg – Markthalle
13.3.2020 – D-Berlin – Kesselhaus
14.3.2020 – D-Leipzig – Hellraiser
15.3.2020 – D-Stuttgart – LKA
18.3.2020 – D-Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
19.3.2020 – D-Nuernberg – Hirsch
20.3.2020 – D-Memmingen – Kaminwerk
21.3.2020 – D-Regensburg – Eventhalle Airport
22.3.2020 – CZ-Prague – Roxy
25.3.2020 – D-Koeln – Essigfabrik
26.3.2020 – CH-Pratteln – Z7
27.3.2020 – D-Heidelberg – Hallo 02
28.3.2020 – CH-Schaffhausen – Kammgarn
29.3.2020 – NED-Amstelveen – P 60

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