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by Natas Dog

Shortly after the release of their most successful album to date, JUDAS (#2 in the German album charts), LORD OF THE LOST deliver their next highlight with the BluRay/DVD/CD release of their almost two-hour Sinister Summer livestreaming concert under the name The Sacrament of Judas on December 10, 2021. Now, the Hamburg based band has yet another highlight to offer – the TRVE WESTERN VERSION of “Viva Vendetta”.

Backed by the most elaborately produced music video in the band’s history so far, LORD OF THE LOST go one better and release “Viva Vendetta” as an authentic soundtrack to the completely Western-style video. A musical recreation of the famous Ennio Morricone soundtrack style, the band creates an unmistakably honest western flick that couldn’t have hit the mark more precisely, proving that they are quite capable of venturing into new territories without losing their personal trademarks!

 Chris Harms on the new version: “As we are confronted with more and more hate on the internet that comes with our increasing success, we see more often that we are ‘too dark’ for the rock scene, ‘too colorful’ for the gothic scene and ‘not hard enough’ for the metal scene. We’re told we look way ‘too gay’ and are ‘not true’, whatever that means. We love to dance between the chairs, and will never voluntarily sit in just one of them, ergo that’s perfectly fine for us. As is so often the case, things get rolling for us spontaneously through crazy ideas. During an extremely entertaining discussion about the dusty meaning of ‘trueness’, we realized that there is nothing ‘truer’ for a western video than an authentic-sounding western soundtrack variant of the song. And so, we spared no expense or effort, and with extreme attention to detail, created the TRVE WESTERN VERSION of “Viva Vendetta“.“

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