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Lord Drunkalot released new live video

by Natas Dog

Hazy descendants of Dionysus from Zagreb-based doom metal act Lord Drunkalot, have just released a new live video session as a preview for the upcoming full LP. The album will be consisted of 7 songs, and is currently being recorded in Dora Maar studio in Zagreb.

This live video is just one in a series of audio visual treats as a part of the new program of promoting underground music in collaboration with OffCycles Collective, Studio Depth and Radio Attack. Lords are also active in well known Zagreb bands: LIV, Mrtvi Petak, Distance Or Die and Black Sabbath tribute Out Of The Void.

You can catch them live on March 30th in cult Zagreb club Močvara along with Wizard Of Stone Mountain and Vukojarac, where they will be promoting these new killer songs. Check out this raw fresh video from the depths of Croatian underworld, at the end it also hides a tribute jam to the greatest band ever…

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