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Listen to Fragments Of Sorrow’s new single/video “ENDLESS WAR”

by Natas Dog

Fragments of Sorrow, a Metalcore band from Italy release their new video clip for the single “ENDLESS WAR”, from the first homonym Ep. The video was directed by Daniele Faccani, now available on YouTube on “SPACEUNTRAVEL” channel.

Guitarist Freddie Raven add: “Contraposition between good and evil represents the scenario and the meaning of this track. Knowing about the coexistence between the two opposites, which one cannot exist without the other, the meaning contained in the text is simple and direct: all that is worth fighting for in this life. The purpose is precisely to encourage people to never give up because there is always a reason to fight in the “continuous war every day” … a war between good and evil that, actually, does not have an end. As for the style, however, the song is rich in multiple sounds and we find a clear detachment from the Metalcore of the mold and a strong approach to a more Rock imprint.”

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