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LIFE OF A HERO: New Album Letting Go out today!

by Metal Jacket

With uplifting messages saturated with their heartfelt brand of power metal, LIFE OF A HERO is here with their debut album ‘Letting Go’ via Battlegod Productions. Teasing listeners with a few singles, the album is finally out and ready to reach out to new fans around the world.

“LETTING GO is an album we are very proud to release,” singer Russ Grimmett (Son of world-renowned frontman for Lionsheart & Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett) admits.

“It reaches deep in our roots of music and passion for rock. With a modern approach, we feel the album will really sit well in people’s ears and reach out to the masses.”

A band that set out to write an album filled with “catchy riffs, catchy melodies, heavy riffs, softer riffs, hard songs, ballads” along with “songs to make you laugh, songs to make you cry!” LIFE OF A HERO is ready for as many people as possible to join them in celebrating ‘LETTING GO’.

Tracklist – Letting Go:
01. 3D – 3:33
02.  Letting Go – 3:30
03. In My Dreams – 4:35
04. Caught In A Lie – 3:35
05. Don’t Waste My Time – 3:44
06. Stay For A While – 4:12
07. Down And Out –  3:40
08. Risk It All – 3:45
09. Shine A Light –  3:45
10. Falling Apart At The Seams – 3:19
11. When We Let Go – 4:43

Total playtime: 40:21

Line Up:
Russ Grimmett – Vocals
Pete Newdeck – Drums & Backing Vocals
Mike Meakin – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Alex Nash – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Josh “Tabbie” Williams – Bass & Backing Vocals

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