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Leviathan to release two new double-vinyl compilations

by Ivona Bogner

Devout Records presents two essential Leviathan compilations, “The First Sublevel of Suicide” and “Unfailing Fall into Naught”, both on double-LP format and both containing several additional rare and previously-unreleased tracks. These editions are products of the band’s own label and are thus superior to the notoriously substandard versions from Ascension Monuments Media. “The First Sublevel of Suicide” includes demo versions of songs from the band’s debut album which were not made available to AMM and features new artwork from Brian VDP, who also executed the layout for both releases. “Unfailing Fall into Naught” compiles the recordings from Leviathan’s split releases with Sapthuran and Xasthur and is presented with new artwork from Wrest himself, in addition to the aforementioned bonus tracks. Both compilations were mastered by the renowned James Plotkin and are officially distributed by Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Leviathan – The First Sublevel of Suicide
1. Sardoniscorn
2. The Bitter Emblem Of Dissolve
3. Scenic Solitude And Leprosy
4. He Whom Shadows Move Towards
5. Mine Molten Armor
6. The Idiot Sun
7. Fossils of Hope
8. From Crevice, Rotten

Leviathan – Unfailing Fall Into Naught
1. Unfailing Fall Into Naught
2. The Remotest Cipher (Beside The Last Breath Vanished)
3. Odious Convulsions (They Are Not Worthy Of His Name)
4. The Fourth Blind Wound
5. Another Sip Of Fear
6. Crushing The Prolapsed Oviducts Of Virtue
7. Mesmerism
8. Where Winter Beats Incessant (Judas Iscariot cover)
9. Withered Upon Her Kingdom Of Was
10. Dogs (Christian Death cover)

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