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LEACH releases new album ‘Lovely Light of Life’

by Natas Dog

With strong, melodic and perfectly produced sound, the LEACH Swedes make their style of thrash’n’roll that has been conquering hundreds of fans. 

‘Lovely Light of Life’ is the band’s new work, the third album of their career that arrives like a kick in the door, establishing a style and a sound that stands out from the crowd with its own mix of thrash metal, hardcore and rock’n ‘ roll. ‘Lovely Light of Life’ arrives today on all digital platforms and in a physical format released by the American label Brutal Records.

Regarding this great release, the band says: ‘Lovely Light Of Life’ combines the whipping aggressiveness from thrash, the pure energy and anger from hardcore with the melodic elements of rock ’n’ roll. All together, it becomes an intense melting pot of Thrash’n’Roll with the goal of urging the listener to dislocate their own necks due to over intensified head banging. Be prepared!”

LEACH knows how to get the pit started and keep strong until the last track. With ruthlessly loud rhythms that sound like a hymn carved into the very foundation of rock, ‘Lovely Light of Life’ illustrates the style of the band, which unites professionalism with dynamics and knows how to create great hits. To top it off, production is the right level of sharp and raw, with Christian Silver’s skills at Studiomega. The producer has worked with Arch Enemy, Kreator, Soilwork and Dragonforce.

One of the great news of the album is the participation of Soilwork vocalist, Bjorn Strid, who sings on the bonus track “D.O.D”, released as the first promotional single for ‘Lovely Light of Life’. Regarding this great partnership, the band says: “Getting Björn to participate in one of our songs is obviously a great achievement. We grew up in Sweden, Soilwork was a big influence for us, it still is. And Björn being the professional who yeah, we nailed it the first time around. I’m happy to have it on one of our songs and it’s definitely something that we can now cross off our wish list”. ‘Lovely Light of Life’ debuts with the song “Serenade (for the broken brave)” on the New Metal Tracks playlist and on the News Radar, both Spotify officials.

Listen to ‘Lovely Light of Life’ on all digital platforms.

Coming from a scene as rich as Sweden, a band cannot fail to receive some influence from their ancestors, in this case, the insistent energy of a Raised Fist, the rock n ‘roll parts of Entombed, and the contagious melodies of The Haunted. But not everything is influenced by the homeland. LEACH also carries the strength of Hatebreed and the festival of destruction of Exodus and Nuclear Assault. All of these influences were distilled into a potent blend that is instantly recognizable and entirely theirs.

Formed in 2003, LEACH is a band built for the stage – that is clear. With live experiences that extend from Europe to Dubai, where his frantic energy has been proven. The band has created their own style of making music and doing shows, and they are excited and willing to take their work to all corners of the world.

Serenade (For The Broken Brave)
Carry The Stigma
Trench Walk
Scorched Earth Tactics
True North
Down For Counting
Sweet Blasphemy
D.O.D (Feat. Bjorn Strid of Soilwork) (Bonus track)

Anders Nordlander – Bass
Joachim Dahlström – Drums
Markus Wikander – Vocals and Guitar

Photo and Artwork: Anders Nordlander

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