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Last Pharaoh released new single “Psychohouse”

by Ivona Bogner

“Psychohouse” is  new official single from the Last Pharaoh album “The Mantle Of Spiders”.

The single of the US epic melodic band Last Pharaoh, “Psychohouse”, was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the Last Pharaoh album “The Mantle Of Spiders” on CD is September 21st, 2018.

Last Pharaoh combines the rhythmic power of eighties heavy metal with the virtuosity of neo-classical master shredders.

The US hopeful hails from the Hudson Valley region of New York. The band consists of vocalist Tommy Santangelo, guitarist Ron Toth, bassist Michael James and drummer Ed Shelinsky.

In contrast to other bands of this genre Last Pharaoh delivers powerful and melodic songs without getting too progressive, they hit the heart and brain of all headbangers instantly. Their debut album “The Mantle of Spiders” is not only recommended to fans of Malmsteen and Impellitteri, but also Queensryche and Judas Priest.

You can listen “Psychohouse” below!


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