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Last Addiction unveiled new single + music video “The Temple”

by Metal Jacket

A few month after the official release of its debut full-length album ‘Inner Abyss’, French Heavy-Metal/Rock-Core five-piece Last Addiction unveiled a new single + official music video called “The Temple” and available right now on YouTube.

This single was featured on ‘Inner Abyss’ released on Spring 2021 and CD & Digital through M & O Music + all streaming services.

Last Addiction was born at the twilight of 2016, at the border of the “cold lands”. If the story began with 4, Gael Augier (guitarist and founder), Dylan Fournet (lead singer), Will Guinet (bass guitar) and Thomas Chaverondier (drums), it continues with 5, when Vincent Delphin (lead guitar) joined in September 2020.

Lyrics are inspired by theories such as the “collapse”, proving that the global destruction of our environment provides multiple consequences on economy, politic, social matters, psychology, which have a significant impact on humanity, on an individual or collective point of view. Shocked by a such a chaos, Human loses control, get weak, sink, or die. Musical influences are numerous and various, sometimes amazing, so the band decided not to be locked up into a specific style.

On a “heavy metal” basis, the band drops slight touches of metalcorerockpost-rock, even some post black-metal, always guided by a melodic priority. An uncommon high and clean singing, supported by raging screams, provide many contrasts and amaze.

After a complete training session by SMAC Les Abattoirs, the band had numerous gigs in France such as Le Printemps de Bourges, or opened for different bands (ex Audrey Horn) and released a first EP in November 2019, with amazing press reports, which gave them the opportunity to perform at the French final of the Wacken Open Air 2020.

Inspired and locked home during the covid crisis, Last Addiction worked on a 8 tracks album called ‘Inner Abyss’ and released on Spring 2021.

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