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Kosturi release first official video “Život pun suza”

by Vjeran

Kosturi are Brutal Balkan Rock band from the south of Croatia, originating from the mythical Dalmatian village Majmunovo. 

Being active since 2007, they have released two albums so far, “Mephisto’s fall” (Mefistov krah) in 2008 for Listen Lodest records and “Rasplinz” in 2018. They have also released two maxi singles, “Kill the Snake” (Ubij Zmiju) in 2014 and “Monkey’s Circle dance” (Majmunovo kolo) 2017.

Their music expression is based on fusion of the Metal, Garage Rock, Hard Core Punk, Blues and melodies of the Dalmatian outback.

The first official video, a song “Život pun suza” (Life full of tears) sre from the second album “Rasplinz”.

Music: Kosturi
Text: Boris “Bore Lee” Ivkovic
Video: Vice Versa
Young actress: Marta
Recorded with the help and support of our dear friends from the metal club EKS – Spartium

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