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Kirk Windstein teases the new Crowbar album

by Tomislav Kuternik

In a new interview with Full Metal Jackie’s nationally syndicated radio show, frontman Kirk Windstein of New Orleans sludge metal veterans Crowbar provided an update on the songwriting process for the band’s next full-length album.

He said:

This new record’s coming out amazing, and it’s writing itself. Of course, I have a lot of help from Matt Brunson, our other guitar player. And then even our new bassist Shane Wesley’s contributed a lot of cool stuff to it.
I worry about it, like, “Oh, God, are my ideas gonna dry up? Am I gonna run out of ideas about how to do Crowbar?” But, thankfully, and I can say, it’s coming out fantastic. We’re already working on song eight. So we’re actually way ahead of schedule at this point, which is a good feeling. So we can take our time on the final two songs, which we have a lot of riffs for, but they still need to be written.
I do worry when it’s, like, “Oh God, it’s time for a new Crowbar”. I mean, it’s the 12th Crowbar record, so it’s a minimum of 120 songs — probably at least 125 songs or something — in the Crowbar catalog now. And when you think about that, sometimes it is kind of scary. Like, ‘How is this gonna happen? What challenges am I gonna face, or are we gonna face, trying to put together this Crowbar album?’ But so far, this new one is coming out fantastic.

Last fall, Windstein spoke to Australia’s Heavy magazine about what has been inspiring him while he has been writing new Crowbar material.

I always do my lyrics last. From a lyrical standpoint, I have zero ideas so far, but, the arrangements and the songs and whatnot are really coming good. It’s a good mixture of some old-school stuff, some more melodic stuff, some faster stuff. We try to expand our sound a little bit as the band grows older and we continue to put out more records. We don’t want to repeat ourselves over and over again. Then again, we want to stay true to what the original idea of Crowbar was 30 years ago. I think we’re on the right track with this one. I’m really enjoying the last couple of records. I think we’re definitely on the right track with this one.

Crowbar’s latest studio album, “The Serpent Only Lies”, was released in 2016 via eOne.


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