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Keops announce Central & Eastern European Tour

by Mislav Mihaljević

Well recognized Croatian metal band Keops has announced that they will soon embark on a Central Eastern European Tour which will last from 8th to 16th of My, 2020. It will consist of ten dates accompanied by 7 shows which will be played across three countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania.

Keops is a Croatian metal band, originally formed in Rijeka, Croatia. In the very beginning, the band has released a demo with whom they participated on a festival in Italy, and won the first prize in the category for the best band. After that, the band had a tour in Italy, changed their lead singer and started to work on original material for the first record. The first studio album “Keops” was recorded in Zagreb, and released in 2012 by label Croatia Records.

On second studio album “Lice sudbine”, released in 2015, the band changed their producer, and started to work with Davor Tomić from the Croatian metal band Father, which turn out to be a good decision for the band because it gave them the more progressive, and modern sound.

After the second album the band changed two group members, and returned to their original symphonic metal sound. They have already released the main single named “Keops”, and received great feedback from their audience.

The next full album with new members will be released this year, and until then, you can enjoy their music on some of their numerous live shows.


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