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Katatonia released catchy new song “Serein”

by Vedrana Dobrić

Swedish melancholic dark rockers Katatonia are slated to release their 10th studio effort, titled “The Fall Of Hearts”, on May 20. With one single, “Old Hearts Fall,” already out, the band has served up another taste of new music by way of the surprisingly somewhat cheerful “Serein”.

Gentle strumming and a soft lead open up the track and Jonas Renkse’s soothing, multi-tracked voice enters the scene almost immediately. Moving forward, a slightly uptempo rhythm is underway, uplifting and pop-inflected as the gorgeous, understated lead work textures “Serein”. The song brings to mind the more depressive new wave acts of the ’80s like the Cure and the melody-intensive the Mission.

Between “Serein” and “Old Hearts Fall,” it appears Katatonia have steered away from the heavier rhythms that have dominated their releases in the new millennium, taking their sound in a new direction with a larger focus on atmosphere and melody.

“The Fall Of Hearts” debuts two of Katatonia’s newest members, drummer Daniel Moilanen and guitarist Roger Öjersson. Moilanen serves as Daniel Liljekvist’s replacement after 15 years of service behind the kit while Öjersson has stepped in for Per ‘Sodo’ Eriksson, who enjoyed a stint in Katatonia from 2010 – 2014. Liljekvist left the group in order to spend more time with his family and to secure what he called a “normal job“.


Katatonia – The Fall Of Hearts
1. Takeover
2. Serein
3. Old Heart Falls
4. Decima
5. Sanction
6. Residual
7. Serac
8. Last Song Before The Fade
9. Shifts
10. The Night Subscriber
11. Pale Flag
12. Passer
13. Vakaren (CD/DVD & Deluxe Edition)
14. Sistere (LP & Deluxe Edition)
15. Wide Awake In Quietus (Digital & Deluxe Edition)

Pre-orders for “The Fall Of Hearts” are available through Katatonia’s webstore or through their label Peaceville Records.

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